We carry two top of line brands; Mathews and Hoyt, we also carry Mission by Mathews which are perfect for starter bows. These manufactures engineer their products to the tightest tolerances and have highest build quality in the industry. They stand behind their products and we stand behind these companies.
Milled and assembled in the United States these manufactures stand behind their products. Warranty work and replacement parts are made right here. Delivery is fast and working with our reps is simple. This is just another reason we exclusively carry these brands.
We also offer a large inventory of used bows. These bows are bows we’ve taken in on trade or bows being sold on consignment. Some of these bows are complete packages and others are bare bones. Curious what your setup is worth, bring it by and a Pro-Staff member will look it over and give you an honest opinion about its value.
We offer Hunting and Competition style bows in Men, Women and Youth sizes. Our bows come in a variety of sizes, weights and finishes. With a large selection of new and used inventory we can help outfit your next adventure or prepare you for your next tournament. Looking for something lighter, smaller or faster? Just want to check out the latest inventory? Stop by the shop and we will show you why these manufacturers stand out from the others.



The arrow is often overlooked when seeking absolute precision. Arrows come in many different applications and configurations. If you consider all the components to an arrow, the shaft, nocks, bushings, inserts, collars, vanes, tips and broad heads the combinations are endless. Each component has its own level of quality, not all things are equal, all aspects of the arrow including the adhesives should be taken in to account when building an arrow.
We sell factory fletched, refletched and blank shafts along with a large selection arrow of related components. Our Pro-Staff can help you dig through our inventory and build an arrow that is matched to your bow. With the proper equipment we can test each arrows tolerance and bundle them, so each arrow is closely matched to the others in a set.
We’re currently stocking Black Eagle Archery, Gold Tip and Easton components. Each supplier has their own traits that make them unique in the arrow industry. It may be Black Eagle and their attention shaft tolerances. Gold Tip has one of the largest selections of arrow accessory components in the industry.





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We have SLA Gear such as Hats, T-Shirts & Sweatshirts as well as water bottles!   We added Crispi Boots and Sitka Gear to our shop!! Come in and see our selection of pants, tops and more!


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We carry a large selection of bag, box, 3d and mat targets from RineHart, Morrell and ArrowMat.